Visitors to my web site sometimes wonder why I offer what sounds like two very different services -- Floral and Landscape Design.  One deals in lovely fresh-cut blooms; the other focuses on transforming an expanse of green lawn into pockets of texture and color.  Exactly the point!  Both floral and landscape design are all about texture and color.  My hallmark is bringing those two design elements together in ways that are often surprising and always pleasing.  

Floral Design Services

Floral Design Services include designing everything from, corsages, boutonnieres or hand-tied bouquets you might give to a special someone on a special day to pulling together the details of a special party for family and friends, a wedding or a corporate event.  Flowers are a visual expression of the occasion.   

There is an Initial Consultation for my services; this may only take 5 minutes to gather enough information to pull together the bouquet you are requesting. In general, the Initial Consultation for a wedding or other special event takes about 30-minutes to 1.5 hours and is free.  The 5-minute consult often occurs over the phone, via text message or e-mail or, by stopping by the D. McGee Design Studio flower stand in The Broadstreet Market in Harrisburg.  A longer consultation requires an appointment that should be scheduled at least 3 months in advance of the party or corporate event; a minimum of 6-months prior to a wedding.  

The Initial Consultation is an opportunity to discuss the event venue, numbers expected to attend, to exchange contact information and to discuss your ideas for the event.

I use the information you share with me during the Initial Consultation to pull together design elements for your event.  In general, I make every effort to schedule the Design Consultation within 2 weeks of the Initial Consultation.  The Design Consultation requires a $250.00 non-refundable deposit.  Once the contract is signed, the deposit will be applied to your invoice.  The $250.00 is non-refundable in the event you choose to utilize the services of another Floral Designer; the deposit covers the cost of the design concepts you receive from D. McGee Design Studio, LLC.   

Landscape Design Services 

Landscape Design Services focus on designing the outdoor spaces you view and live in every day.  Projects include designing or re-designing everything from container gardens, deck, patio or poolside spaces, foundation plantings, hardscape, naturalized and meadow areas, full property designs or re-designs.  Landscape Design Service fees are based on residence or commercial property and how much of the property is to be included in the design process.  Design fees for residential foundation or portions of a property (front or back portion) are $250.00.  Design fees for residential full property (front and back) are $500.00.  Half of the fee is due at the time of the initial consultation; the final payment is due when the drawings are delivered.  Design fees for commercial properties are available upon request and are determined by the scope of the project.

Design fees include:

* Soil sample testing of all beds to be included in the design

* 1 Lawn soil sample testing

* Concept drawings not to scale

* Final to-scale drawing on architectural velum along with a complete plant list keyed to the drawing; a set of information sheets about the general care of the plants.  The Initial Consultation takes 1 to 2 hours during which time we will talk about design elements that are important to your project.  It is important to the project that you know how your property line circles your property.





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